b. 1992, Paris.



Ressource, peintures et papiers peints

DS Automobiles

Maison Martin Morel

Pernod Ricard

2R Aventure




Silver Fourchette


I’ve always hated maths. So why should I be a number ? I prefer words. I prefer songs. I prefer drawings.
How do you spell your name? Quitterie. No ! With a « Q ». Always followed by the same question again and again: «Oh it’s original, where does it come from?». Next time I should invent something like : it comes from an Indian goddess. She could fly and speak 17 different langages. Just like me after all. Or maybe my name could be Japanese. Japan has always fascinated me. They invented a term that I find really beautiful: wabi-sabi. It means the « art of imperfection ». They really have the power to add poetry to everyday life. I wish I could do the same. But, to be honest, I’m not really of poet kind of girl, I’m better at smiling. And dancing! Yes dancing, so liberator. It’s actually a really good way to decompress. In fact, I invented the potato dance (in fact we were two). Just relax, and do it. Imagine you are a dislocated marionette. And you have it ! I promise you will feel much better after...

I'm a french graphic designer. I love print but I am more than open to expand my creative fields. Please contact me if you have any question. I would be thrilled to work with you!