Les Romans Augmentés


Publishing house - Diploma
*Concept *Layout *Typography *Editorial *Illustration *Photography *Experimentations

For this final student project, I decided to work on books and more specifically on novels. How could I, as a graphic designer loving reading, editorial and print, could increase the experience of the reader when he reads a book. How do we read? Why? There is as many readers as novels. Emphase is a publishing house that propose four adapted formats per novel in order to fufilled all these differents expectations and needs :

- «le confortable» / the comfortable
This one is perfect for you if you are fond of a writer or a specific novel. This format is bigger, illustrated, comes with a biography of the author, notes from the latter, reviews and an analysis of the novel.

- « le pratique » / the useful
This one is composed of five booklets, all magnetized together. Lighter, each booklet proposes the estimated length of reading per booklet and a short resumé to avoid you turning the pages for five minutes trying to refresh your memory.

- «le social» / the sociable.
The last one is designed for people who like writing in margins and discussing about what they read. It is adapted for people wanting to make reading a social experience. Sold with a six colors connected pen, this book allows you to write in the margins and to see other readers’ notes. This pen works with a micro-projector, and is able to recognize colors. He allows you to reveal notes whenever you want. You just need to place the pen on the color circle and notes will appear in the margins. This version is a book club’s best friend !

- «le ludique» / the enjoyable
This one is designed each time by a specific artist or graphic designer. He will offer a different way of reading the novel, through varying layouts, papers, illustrations, interractions...